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    60s Handmade Vintage Dress 60s Handmade Vintage Dress Quick View

    Sinchronic Vintage

    60s Handmade Vintage Dress

    €20.00 €35.00

    Beautiful 1960s (circa) handmade dark-green dress. Info: Estimated Size: S Chest/Bust: 88cm/34in Waist: 76cm/30in Fabric: 100% rayon Condition: Very good      
  • 60s Pink Permaflott Shirt 60s Pink Permaflott Shirt Quick View

    Sinchronic Vintage

    60s Pink Permaflott Shirt


    Beautifully made Permaflott shirt from the 1960s (circa). Info: Size: 44 (L) Condition: Excellent Fabric: Polyester Chest: 128cm Length: 68cm Neck: Open    
  • 60s Polka-dot Dolly Dress 60s Polka-dot Dolly Dress Quick View

    Sinchronic Vintage

    60s Polka-dot Dolly Dress


    Beautiful 1960s polka-dot, blue and white dolly dress. Made in England Info: Size: 40 Estimated Size: M Chest/Bust: 96cm/38in Waist: 70cm/28in Fabric: 100% cotton Condition: Very good      ...
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    80s Purple 'Pop-Art' Hawaiian Shirt 80s Purple 'Pop-Art' Hawaiian Shirt Quick View

    Sinchronic Vintage

    80s Purple 'Pop-Art' Hawaiian Shirt

    €26.00 €35.00

    A violet hawaiian shirt with breast pocket from the 1980s Info: Estimated Size: L Condition: Very good Fabric: 100% cotton Chest: 116cm Length: 73cm Neck: Open    
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    80s René Derhy Floral Playsuit 80s René Derhy Floral Playsuit Quick View

    Sinchronic Vintage

    80s René Derhy Floral Playsuit

    €15.00 €25.00

    1980s (circa) blue and white floral playsuit by René Derhy. Info: Size: 38 Estimated Size: M Chest/Bust: 82cm/32in Waist: 68cm/26in Fabric: 100% viscose Condition: Very good      
    Berkertex 80s Striped Dress Berkertex 80s Striped Dress Quick View

    Sinchronic Vintage

    Berkertex 80s Striped Dress

    Out of Stock

    1980s Berkertex striped vintage dress with belt. Made in Enlgand. Info: Estimated Size: M-L Chest/Bust: 97cm/38in (loose 80s fit) Waist: Belt Fabric: 67% polyester, 33% cotton Condition: Slightly worn  ...
  • Denim Life Pinstripe Dungarees Denim Life Pinstripe Dungarees Quick View

    Sinchronic Vintage

    Denim Life Pinstripe Dungarees


    Retro dungarees Info: Estimated size: S/M  
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    Jaime Brooke 80s Floral Playsuit Jaime Brooke 80s Floral Playsuit Quick View

    Sinchronic Vintage

    Jaime Brooke 80s Floral Playsuit

    €35.00 €50.00

    Beautiful 1980s Jamie Brooke floral playsuit with shoulder pads. Info: Estimated Size: L Chest/Bust: Loose fit Waist: 72cm/28in Fabric: 100% rayon Condition: Excellent Care: Dry clean only      ...
  • Ghost Town

    Posted: Aug 17 2014

    Where the hell is everybody?   Madrid is a ghost town in August and it just doesn’t seem right. So many people are away on holiday, which is great, but that means that nobody is working! If you’re not lucky enough to be on holiday then there is absolutely nothing to do. Your favourite café is closed, the bars are closed, the shops, the restaurants, the post office, EVERYTHING is closed. It’s just not fair.     So just when everything is closing up for holidays, we have decided to launch our brand new website so that there is never a dull moment this August, wherever you are.   We’ve even added two new members to the family: Sinchronic Vintage, for those who like a bit of oldschool in their lives, and Sinchronic Retail, for high street brands that we just couldn’t live without at Sinchronic.   We pledge an...

  • Sinchronic Vintage

    Posted: Aug 11 2014

      After such a long wait, Sinchronic Clothing has finally got a few more items in the production line. Very soon we can expect to see brand new t-shirts along with 5-panel-caps in the collection. But with all this waiting around, it just doesn’t seem enough. We want to give you more! And so it’s been back to the drawing board as we’ve been cooking up a recipe that’s sure to keep your wardrobe feeling fresh all year round. . Finally, we came up with the solution – Sinchronic Vintage. While Sinchronic Clothing continues to create new products, the new Vintage line will be hand selecting the finest clothing from the 20th century and selling it to you at a reasonable price. We’ll be bringing clothes from all around the world straight to your door! Now, understandably, buying second-hand clothing online can be difficult as it can be difficult as it is hard to judge sizes from photos and materials...